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Sunday School Classes

We offer Sunday School Classes for all ages.  Classes begin at 10:00am.

Infants & Toddlers: Children will be cared for and taught Bible verses and songs by our Fairfield members. We follow the Safe Sanctuary guidelines implemented by The Global Methodist Church.

Elementary I (5-6 yrs), & Elementary II (7-10 yrs): The Global Methodist literature, “Deep Blue” - weekly Bible Stories, memory verses, Bible Trivia & family Daily Devotionals - is used in these classes and is led by members of Fairfield. We follow the Safe Sanctuary guidelines implemented by The Global Methodist Church 

Middle School (11-13 yrs) & High School (14-18 yrs):

This time together during Sunday School offers teens an opportunity to apply Christ's teachings to their daily lives. They have fun, fellowship, and study led by FGMC members who have a passion for youth. We use curriculum focused on scripture, biblical principles, and application for day-to-day reality.

Connections (25-40 yrs):

The Sunday School hour begins with laughter, story-sharing, and coffee sipping. Amber Harris and other Connections young adults then lead a spiritually focused study to help our diverse group of married, single, parents, and non-parents, step into the coming week with deeper reflection and understanding of what it means to be a Christ follower.

Adult Classes:

Our adult classes offer a variety of study formats and guides. Visit any small group to discover which best meets your needs on your Christian journey.

 - New Disciples: topical studies

 - The Aspirations Class: current events

 - Barbara Bobo Class: Adult Studies Quarterly

 - Adult II: Adult Studies Quarterly

 - Wesleyan Class: Adult Studies Quarterly